The Big ‘Why?’

Being a Black business owner can be tough. Whether it is getting new clients, funding or business support, there seem to be more obstacles in our way purely because of our heritage and skin colour.

In the course of building our own businesses, we, the founders of Black Business Champions, have experienced all these difficulties and more. And it’s frustrating.

So we started to think and ask questions. Why? is it like this and How? can we change it.

We soon realised that part of the problem was that Black business owners don’t have a strong community, a support network. A strong community is crucial for development as it reduces the reliance on ‘hand-outs’, ‘special treatment’ and support from government.

We already see very strong Asian and Jewish business communities that are flourishing and making real positive impact on peoples’ lives.

And just as there are ‘women business networks’, there should also be a Black business network to help and support those who face equally unique challenges.

It is so simple, yet so powerful.

So we decided that the time is now. It is now time for a Black business community to arise.

It is time for us to empower ourselves.


Our mission is to significantly and measurably improve the business performance and leadership skills of Black business proprietors around the world. These metrics include improvements in sales, marketing, business longevity and positive community impact.

We provide the resources and support that they need to achieve, and far surpass, their goals.

By inspiring, leading and educating Black business owners we are able to create a self-sustaining and, therefore, economically empowered community.

As a result, the economies of non-Black majority countries, such as the UK and USA, will also inevitably receive a significant and welcome boost.

In the long-term, we want to see these momentous changes in Black communities around the world:

  • Significant increase in the revenue of Black-owned businesses
  • A strong, supportive and economically empowered Black community
  • Emergence of new and great role models, business leaders and thought leaders
  • Unleashing of game-changing talents and skills, that have up till now been suppressed and ignored
  • Substantial reduction in unemployment rates
  • Lower rates of poverty


Our tagline is ‘Challenging the Elephant in the Room’; the elephant in the room that has been ignored for far too long. It is a universally acknowledged fact that, on average, Black-owned businesses don’t do as well as other demographics.

It is also widely acknowledged that Black people in the UK and the USA (and elsewhere) are more likely to be poor, unemployed, less educated and lacking opportunities for growth (for exact statistics, please see The Facts page).

However, the Elephant in the room, the obvious REASON for this, is not being discussed, and more importantly, is not being addressed and challenged.

One of the other reasons for the poor state of Black communities is the lack of solidarity within, making them economically fragile. It is time to promote the circulation of money within Black communities so that they can grow, prosper and create a better future for the present and coming generations.

We are ready to do what ever it takes to
help you grow your business!



Dr Fatai Badmus


With 34 years’ work experience (the first 11 years as a Medical Doctor and the rest in IT and business) implementing solutions, Dr Fatai has been solving problems and adding value to organisations (commercial, public-sector and non-profit) on three continents (Africa, the Americas and Europe) for a very long time.

A multi-skilled and highly experienced individual, Dr Fatai is also the Creator and Provider of eV.A.N.S.™ and Sales Velocity Solutions.

He founded The Info Solutions Provider, the parent company of both Sales Velocity Solutions and Black Business Champions, because he realised that businesses cannot easily find trustworthy and effective information that would propel them to the next level and beyond. He believes that the shocking number of small and medium-sized businesses that file for bankruptcy each year is evidence of this and he resolved to do something about it.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Dr Fatai loves to cook! His recipes are very spontaneous and one of a kind – no two dishes are ever the same.


Lily Badmus


Having worked in the Germany-based headquarters of one of the top 4 market research companies in the world, Lily is equipped with the understanding of consumers in relation to advertising.

Fascinated with the fashion world, but disappointed with its limited offering, Lily then created her own “modest” contemporary fashion brand called SCHWANA.

In addition, she has received world-class training and is a Sales Velocity Solutions Consultant. Her expertise in sales, marketing, branding and relationships is unique in the marketplace.

She is now also committed to creating an empowered and global Black business community, helping other Black-business owners to succeed. With her father, Dr Fatai Badmus, she created Black Business Champions.

Fun fact: Lily is also a language enthusiast. She speaks German (to a professional level) and French, and loves to speak these languages whenever she gets the opportunity.


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