Your cursor is blinking as you ponder about goals for the year ahead. You also reflect on months passed and just how transient time is, surely you must have achieved a goal or two or was it just a dream. Disillusioned by this, you search for answers, where was the disconnect? It is good to dream, and dream big, but it’s even better when dreams transition into goals that become reality.

Dreams and goals are very different, if your dreams are not enabled they remain just that, dreams. Here are a few important differences between dreams and goals.

Goals are measurable. Dreams are not.

Goals are measurable. Dreams are not: Dreams are not inhibited by laws of reality, and so what obtains in a dream will not morph into a goal, unless conditions are in place to drive the process. Goals need to be realistic, actionable and time-bound.

Goals have rewards. Dreams do not: A dream can be visualised in a thought bubble, you imagine it, while goals carry benefits that are tangible.

Goals require investment. Dreams do not: It could be effort, money, time or thought. To achieve a goal some form of investment will be required. Dreams are imaginary.

Goals require focus. Dreams do not: Little effort is needed to dream, you can do it with eyes closed or open. A goal on the other hand requires concentration.

Goals require risks. Dreams are not: All risks are not physical or tangible. Risks can also include vulnerability.

Goals require an action plan. Dreams do not: We plan every day. It’s a part of living, goals require action plan as a guide to completion.

The source of every goal is a dream, dare to dream. What do you want, what do you want to be, what do you want to achieve.  Remember too that dreams can either be material or for personal growth, so forget the limit and be bold about it.

It’s easy to dream, the challenge for many is turning dreams into goals that become reality.  How have you turned your dreams into reality? a tweak in your approach could impact this tremendously. Remember you are accountable for your dreams, you determine whether they become real or remain figments of your imagination. I recently discovered a workshop that has all the elements to enable dreams.

The Total Focus Workshop has been delivered to over 10k people worldwide, from small groups through to major corporations. Reviews indicate that participants have been inspired and companies have experienced major increases in productivity.

The workshops are participant oriented and guarantee capitalizing on the full potential of each individual, providing them with the skills to attain great things.

The workshops are split into four modules over two half-day sessions and provide:

  • Clarity when it comes to identifying personal goals through self-analysis
  • Development of highly structured daily planning to stay on track
  • Emotional management tools that empower and strengthen
  • Mind Mastery tools enabling ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • The techniques to cope with change management

This is then followed by a 90 day ‘Challenge to Change’ process which deals with:

  • Self-Analysis
  • Action Planning
  • Mind Mastery
  • Emotional Management

B.B.C Members ONLY the Total Focus June 2017 work shop is half price. Usually £400 per person, it is only £200.00 for 10 clients ONLY and will be held on Thursday 8th June 2017 and Thursday 22nd June 22nd 2017 in Canary Wharf, London Essex from 5pm to 8pm.

Kick start yourself and have a plan to ensure 2017 comes to fruition. Don’t just dream about this workshop, make it happen.  Call 0203 292 9220 or email for a more information and a booking form.


Natalia NicholsonNatalia Nicholson is the CEO of Straight Talk To Success.

She works successfully with businesses all over the world to train team members and managers in a way that allows them to realise and appreciate their full potential.



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