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(i.e. on Wednesday 7 March 2018 @ 7pm GMT.)


After the success of our last webinar, the second free webinar in the ‘Lestho Agri-Business Webinar’ series will take place on 7th March 2018 at 7pm!

Special Guests: Christabel Blanch (Africa Sales Manager at agri-business company Alvan Blanch) and other prominent players in the sector will be joining us on this webinar!

They will answer your questions and provide unique insights and guidance to help you grasp the opportunities involved. 



If you have not registered for the Lesotho Agri-Business Webinar Series before, please book your seat here (previously registered people will receive further information by email):

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In this webinar, we will outline the practical steps that Basotho need to take in order to invest profitably in agri-business. We will explore the right, and wrong, ways to spend your money in this lucrative industry, providing specific details on certain sectors. Basotho new to agri-business, as well as those who are already active in the industry, will benefit tremendously from joining us on this webinar. This webinar is also applicable to both professionals and business owners in the diaspora or indeed in Lesotho.

The world must eat; this fact means that there is always high demand in every country’s market for food and produce, whether it is fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and so on. However, most agriculture and food businesses, also known as ‘agribusinesses’, face challenges and struggle to generate meaningful and/or sustainable revenue. The Lesotho government, like most other African governments, is increasingly recognising the potential of agri-business to not only provide a sustainable and thriving business for Basothos, but to also greatly strengthen the Lesotho economy. This is why Basotho agri-businesses are now more important than ever.

Join us on this free online webinar, on Wednesday 7th March at 7pm, to find out how you can invest profitably in the agriculture and food industry. Register now to secure your place and be entered into our surprise early 2018 prize draw!

If you have not registered for the Lesotho Agri-Business Webinar Series before, please book your seat here (previously registered people will receive further information by email):

Why you don’t want to miss this FREE webinar

  • You’ll hear from industry experts, who have first hand experience in agri-business in Africa;
  • It’s a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into one of the most crucial industries for Lesotho, and Africa in general;
  • It’s also a chance to come together with other Basotho and join the Lesotho Agri-business Community.
  • You’ll learn how to more effectively participate in the “agri-business value chain” in order to generate revenue and profits equitably and sustainably;
  • You’ll better understand how to develop a thriving, profitable and sustainable agri-business;
  • Whether you’re primarily based in the UK, Lesotho, or anywhere in Africa, you can get involved in this industry that is so instrumental in the prosperity and development of our beloved continent;
  • There’ll be a Q&A session, giving you the unique opportunity to directly ask our special guests and presenter questions.
  • There’ll be very robust discussions with insightful analyses and commentary, ;
  • We’ll bring real-world experiences and expertise to bear on deciphering and explaining the very complex scenarios;
  • It’ll no doubt be your most profitable 60 minutes investment this month!


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