You, a Black business owner, will be much poorer after Brexit

Everyone agrees that for good or for ill, the consequence of Brexit for the whole of the United Kingdom is unquestionably massive. It is truly uncharted terrain.

To the political classes, Brexit means just that, BREXIT (although even they can’t clearly and succinctly explain quite what it would look like in reality).


Brexit means Brexit

But to ordinary people, especially those just about managing (the so-called Jam Public), there will be no “soft landing” in Brexit-land. It will be a hard Brexit, according to politicians.

The Black population in the UK will be among the hardest hit, partly because they are over-represented in the ranks of Jam Public.

In many ways, the effect of Brexit on Black business owners in particular will be even more profound than on the general population. Only those with the right information, mindset and full preparation, can possibly survive and thrive. The rest will become an evolutionary footnote.

Make no mistake, without adequate preparation and adaptation, Brexit will do to Black Britain what that large asteroid did to the way of life of the dinosaurs a few million years ago. And it’s unlikely to be pretty.

You must learn how to prepare and adapt, otherwise your entire livelihood could be at stake.



(i.e. on Wednesday 7 March 2018 @ 7pm GMT.)

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